Episode 79 | "Happy New Year!"

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The fellas return for 2022 with a bang to breakdown:

(02:45) - New Years Resolutions

(07:58) - DeVon Franklin files for divorce from Meagan Good

(21:52) - Antonio Brown walks out on team during the game

(32:42) - Ice Cube accused of finessing the cast of Friday

Quick Hits

(38:05) - “A man settles where he find peace. Not beauty. Not money. Not status. But peace”

(50:04) - Do men ever think about the damage we cause women?

Advice Column

(01:03:52) - If we not friends anymore, are exes off limits?

(01:10:38) - I’ve got myself together financially, but not having success dating, what should I change?

(01:23:58) - I’m beefing with her brother n law & ex… Is it worth still dating her?

(01:35:36) - I’m struggling to get custody of my daughter despite her mom being unfit

(01:41:51) - Are men doctoring up STD tests to look clean? Does pubic hair matter to men?

(01:48:53) - He paid for the trip but lied about planning activities, why?

Song of the Week:

“Red Book Chronicles ” x Larry June (https://music.apple.com/us/album/red-book-chronicles/1584436053?i=1584436274)
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