Episode 57: Let's Root-Root-Root for the House Team (Guest: Shravan Amin)

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Becca, Tice and Jay welcome an old-improv-buddy-turned-New-York-actor Shravan Amin, whose career now includes shadowy gigs with limousines and non-disclosure agreements. Join us as we remember his origins as a dance recital DJ, his beginnings in improv, his first theatre roles, and his move to New York. Along the way, we touch on the improv game Freeze, why Shrave loves doing Shakespeare, and resume hacks. Also in this episode, excitement builds for Becca's upcoming nuptials and Jay tries to insinuate unwholesome things about the handfasting ceremony. Also also in this episode is a chat with another guest, a super-villain known as the Truth-Seeker, who isn't above torture and is generally quite testy. Loyal Butt-fans, please note...just by listening, you are already a member of the Between 2 Butts House Team.

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