Episode 58: Pride & Horror (Guests: Tony & Mark Korol-Evans)

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Huzzah! Jay, Tice, and Becca are joined by seasoned Renaissance festival performers Tony and Mark Korol-Evans! In this installment of the show you'll meet two actors who have played as characters in the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Find out anything you want to know about Renaissance festivals from the people who wrote the book on it (literally!) You´ll hear which Renaissance festival was designed by Escher (all uphill!), which is the hottest Faire, perks of small Faires and large Faires, unique traits of Faires all across the country, and, most importantly...what's the gold-star-standard faire! Plus, fainting queens, privy shrouds, ways to beat the heat in costume, opera, baritone-tenor jealousy, and..what if Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots had met? In addition, we got a look into Tony and Mark's work with sexual assault victims and in intimiacy choreography for theatre, and also how Tony and Mark's son is carrying on their tradition! It's also a highly eventful episode for our hosts, with Jay and Tice both needing mid-show pee breaks, Becca muting herself while her husband-to-be moves furniture, and Jay and Becca warming up to be in "The Sound of Music". All this PLUS "Match Game" in episode 58!
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