Ep 92: Bringing Compassion and Truth into Your Health Walk with Jonathan McLernon

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If you've never heard of Jonathan McLernon, after this talk, you may never forget him.
The founder of Freedom Nutrition, Jonathan has an amazing story of his journey to health. In a nutshell, he survived an attempted murder (nearly beaten to death in South Africa) as well as losing his life savings in a failed business venture. He then let Christ help rebuild himself from the ground up.
Having lost and kept off over 100lbs after many failed attempts, Jonathan used to suffer from multiple anxiety episodes per day, and now he has less than two notable episodes per year, after some dramatic lifestyle changes.
Jonathan is compassionate, honest, loving, and tough. He's a brother in Christ you need to know. Encouraging and truth-telling. Someone you know has your back as well as your spiritual growth. Get ready to meet someone who has been transformed by Christ.

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