Get Noticed In Your Target Market Through The Power Of Lumpy Mail – MFF014

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Taking Your Direct Mail To The Next Level…

We’ve talked previously on the show about the importance of implementing a direct mail strategy in to your startups marketing, so now we’re taking those concepts one step further. While sending regular flat envelopes to your target market can be super effective, it’s undeniable that receiving a piece of lumpy mail has all kinds of positive effects on us and makes that package almost impossible to not open up.

While being a hugely effective marketing strategy, lumpy mail is rarely used by small startups. By dropping the ego and allowing ourselves to get a little outrageous, we can send out some truly memorable marketing which is sure to increase our conversion and revenue. Sending direct mail with a difference can achieve some amazing results, and luckily doesn’t have to cost us a fortune.

Listen in as Tim and Jack break down how to give a boost to your direct mail strategy, from building your initial targeted mailing lists to the most effective goodies you can stuff your mail with and then how to effectively follow up your leads.

Time To Have A Bit Of Fun With Direct Mail…

  • Finding your high value targets.
  • Balancing cheesiness vs. a stylistic approach.
  • Building a hit list.
  • How to track the effectiveness of your mailings.
  • Getting past the gatekeeper.
  • Why you have to do your research when personalising your mail.

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