Episode 171: Happiness in Family Life

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Most of us get married and have a family so that we can have more happiness and feel more love in our lives. But the reality is that it’s just as hard to choose happiness in love in family life as it is anywhere else in our lives.

A family is really just a bunch of human brains (all of which are programmed to find the negative and notice what’s gone wrong) that are all living together, sharing the same space, and having lots and lots chances to interact and have thoughts about each other. You’ve probably noticed how hard it is to manage just one human brain…now imagine the difficulties that might arise with more than one brain involved.

And while this is challenging, this is also what makes being a family the perfect vehicle for you to learn the most important lesson of life—how to choose love no matter what.

In today’s episode of the podcast, I’m sharing five things that will help you have more happiness and more love in your family and they probably aren’t the things you think.


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