DJ1-8 pres. The Soul Council - soulful, vocal and uplifting house

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Welcome to my Podcast page. Here you will go on the same trip I'm on. I love to find house music that grabs my insides and squeezes. I love to share it, but share it properly. I believe tracks have jobs. Some are warmers, some are cool, some lift me up, some make me cry. I do my best to showcase them in the right spot, in the right way, at the right time. That's why I created The Soul Council. The music I play is quite particular to me. A track has to hit me to make it into my library. The collective of artists, remixers and producers you'll find within The Soul Council is there to provide the perfect balance of soulful, deep, uplifting, jazzy and funky house. I'm not prepared to compromise my style. What you hear is what you get. If you like what I do please leave comments, subscribe, share and hit the like button. Thanks for listening.

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