Bible in One Year Podcast Day 136 2 Chronicles 21, 22, 23 & 24

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2 Brits & a Bible are two best mates who find joy and pleasure in reading the Bible and bringing forward their own takeaways and ideas. We are not theologians and speak only of our own experience and understanding. Our hope is that our commentaries provide you with some useful insight and more importantly, encourage you to go and dig into the Word for yourself...
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Our Goal with this podcast is to encourage people to go to the Word and read the Bible for themselves.
Today we’ll be covering 2 Chronicles 21, 22, 23 & 24.
2 Chronicles 21 - Jehoram reigns in Judah, kills brothers, disobeys God, fights Edom, attacked by Philistines & Arabians, becomes very sick, dies.
2 Chronicles 22 - Ahaziah reigns in Judah, does not follow God, joins Jehoram king of Israel, killed; Athaliah kills heirs; Joash saved.
2 Chronicles 23 - Priest Jehoiada gathers leaders, proclaims & annointes Joash king of Judah; Athaliah protests, is killed; Jerusalem is quiet.
2 Chronicles 24 - Joash obeys God, has family, repairs temple; Jehoiada dies; Joash disobeys God, kills prophet, attacked by Syria, is killed.
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