Form, Function and Flow Lab with Dr. Kate

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My name is Dr. Kate. I am a movement educator, chiropractor, yoga instructor, and anatomy nerd. I want to bring more balance to people's lives and make it possible for them to continue to do their physical hobbies while staying injury free for the long term. I have a heavy focus in post partum, pelvic floor work, diastasis recti, c section work, and core function. I follow a lot of the principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. I feel that you can fix so much with addressing core imbalances and breath work. This is for the person wanting to learn MORE about their bodies and take ownership of keeping themselves functioning at their best and for the movement professional (yoga instructor, chiropractor, PT, pilates instructor, etc) that wants to learn more on how to help curate a better experience/fix for their patient or client. I am a continuing ed JUNKIE. Take advantage of all of the courses I have taken and continue to take along with clinical practice and distilled down into a more palatable experience.

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