Total Knee Tips & Pearls From Dr. Adam Rosen (A Virtual Total Knee Fellowship Podcast)

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Dr. Adam Rosen is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in total joint replacement. He created this podcast which is aimed at interns, residents, fellows, and general orthopedists who are looking to dive into the details of total knee replacements. I do not claim that my way is the best way or the only way. My personal approach to my patients, total knee replacement surgery and the ever important post-operative recovery has been developed over the years. My protocols are ever changing based on scientific evidence and personal experience.I know many of you will want to jump right ahead to the operative step episodes - and that is okay. The first few episodes are not as exciting but they do contain important information in my opinion. If you jump ahead just be sure to come back and listen to the first few episodes.I will attempt to offer you my brain and the algorithm within it. Here I will share my thoughts and my approach to caring for total knee replacement patients. I hope that you learn something from this podcast. I hope that my thought process stimulates your thinking and approach. Most importantly I hope that I can offer one or more tips or pearls that may benefit your patients. If you like the information and have a friend or colleague that you think would benefit from the material please be sure to share this podcast with them. (Disclaimer: This is my opinion. Any information gathered is not medical education. Practitioners need to use their education and experience to determine how to treat their own patients.)

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