OPEN MINDED/Not Blinded - 7 Minutes out of 24 Hours.

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As a Songwriter, Recording Artiste/Talk Show Host/Entrepreneur/Lecturer/Entertainer. I have survived a lot, seen a lot, and accomplished a lot. I trust GOD that the word I bring you to, is exactly what the Holy Spirit leads me to say, so as you listen; those words are made directly and specifically for you. Open Minded, Not Blinded; There is NO Limitations for us; The CABAh Lifestyle. Let’s challenge our mindsets; Build not Brag, Compliment not Complain, making Efforts not Excuses. It's for YOU, and about YOU; you're Born to win. SUPPORT OUR SHOW FINANCIALLY: Before or After watching any episode/ Video Please remember to Click the notification bell and the subscribe button on our YouTube channel, thank you. YouTube, Stitcher, GooglePlay, Spotify, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Itunes, SoundCloud, Instagram, SnapChat. Please FOLLOW, LIKE COMMENT, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE to us on social media by searching "Jahf Reach" Use #7minutes #DrKlay #openmindednotblinded #Cabah #JahfReach #thejahfreachshow

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