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Finding Hope Through Your Loved One’s Addiction Do you have a loved one that is an addict? Do you struggle with feelings of inadequacy in providing help for your loved one’s addiction? Are you always in panic mode or on high alert wondering if they are ok? Is your #1 wish to wake up and still have your loved one alive? Do you neglect your own self-care because you put your loved one’s needs in front of your own? Are you wondering if others are succeeding in helping their loved ones through this difficult journey? In this podcast, you will find hope while navigating through your loved one’s addiction. My mission is to create a safe space for both the addict and the loved one’s supporting the addict to talk freely about their struggles and their fears and also build a community that understands the importance of connection, setting healthy boundaries and consistent self-care. If you’ve been feeling alone in this addiction journey, you’re in the right place my friend! You’ve found a beautiful space to connect with others that are navigating this very challenging life path and are here for you. I’m Tiff, your host. I’ve experienced all of this. My older brother Cory struggled with addictions, mental health challenges and unresolved trauma. He passed away in October 2021 of a Fentanyl drug overdose. I don’t want you to experience the pain and grief that our family has been navigating, but I also understand the complexities that the addiction world brings. I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone. If you are ready to connect with others and find hope while navigating your loved one’s addiction, get those earbuds in because it’s time to get started. Learn -> www.hardbeautifuljourney.com Connect -> tiffany@hardbeautifuljourney.com Community -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/432118691087512 Instagram -> Hard Beautiful Journey

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