Living Embodied: Reclaiming Our Body as Safe, Sacred and Sovereign Space

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What does it mean to experience embodiment, to live at home in our body? Mental and physical health is deeply tied to how we experience a mind-body-soul connection. Join Sydney Bell, registered social worker and practising psychotherapist in exploring what role healing shame and embracing our divine body plays in our wellbeing. So many of us feel disconnected and separate from our body. We struggle with body shame, or we find it hard to be fully present in our body, relationships or life. The good news is, we can reconnect and reclaim our body as safe, sacred and sovereign space. We can integrate what we do for our health and wellbeing so that we know it in our bones and become truly and fully present in our lives and in ourselves. How do we do this? How do we honour our wise body as our friend and ally? Through cultivating and practicing embodiment. The Living Embodied: Reclaiming Our Body as Safe, Sacred and Sovereign Space Podcast will feature reflections and conversations with Sydney and special guests, seeking to uncover and understand the deep healing available to us from fully accepting and living in our our body. Connect with Sydney here: /

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