Canterlot Radio - Episode #54: A Pony Tail and a Brony Tale with Brent Hodge

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This week on Canterlot Radio, we present another installment of PonyTalk, the only talk show in Equestria that features the biggest names in both the MLP and Brony fandom. And we are pleased to welcome independent film maker and director of "A Brony Tale," Brent Hodge to the program. "A Brony Tale" follows the adventures of MLP voice actress Ashleigh Ball, as she travels to her first ever BronyCon to meet the fans that have made "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" so popular. The movie recently debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival and was named one of the 5 documentaries to watch. Join Mic Check as he talks with Brent about his new film, working with Ashleigh Ball and the various Bronies that appear in it, and how you can catch a showing of it this Summer. Join us for PonyTalk, part of Canterlot Radio. Wednesday at 3PM EST on BlogTalkRaido

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