Stacy Connects 05 - 17 - 22 Quiddity The Essential Nature Of A Thing

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Stacy’s Brain Dump this week includes an update on her mother Joan (which naturally results in a phone call from her), a shout out about JD’s Wyneken’s podcast called, This Show is All About You and the episode titled, “For the Love of Odin” and a Stacy-ism about staying at the pity party too long in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. Greg Peiker of Quiddity Wines is Stacy’s guest on the program. Stacy makes it her mission to draw out the reserved vintner and ask him questions that are off the beaten track. Greg shares his story about starting a winery, explaining he essentially followed a thread of interest, took a risk, and has been learning to fly, while flying the plane ever since. His delivery is as crisp and dry as his wines. Learn more about Quiddity Wines at

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