Urban Forum NW 05 - 12 - 22

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Thursday, May 12 on Urban Forum Northwest : ​ *Carolyn Riley Payne, President Seattle King County NAACP comments on the organization call for King County District Judge Susan Mahoney to step down after her use of the "N" word in the presence of a Black staffer. Judge Mahoney stepped down as Presiding Judge of King County District Court. ​ *Attorney Lem Howell comments on the actions of the United States Supreme Court's action on Roe V Wade. He will also comment on the latest recordings of Republican leaders that have been made public regarding the January 6 attempt to overthrow the United States Government. ​ *Bill Dickens, Chair, Tacoma Pierce County Black Collective-Economic Development Committee will comment on the goals and objectives of the committee and discuss the agenda for the Sunday in-person meeting. ​ *Bob Armstead, Washington State Chapter National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC) comments on the organizations efforts to get equity for NAMC Members. He will update any progress that's been made with local public agencies to gain contract opportunities. ​ *Cathie Wilmore, Fathers And Sons Together (FAST) invites the community to their Saturday, May 21 Barbershop Cut, Chat at the Rainier Beach Community Center-Plaza. Youth and Family Led Conversations on Gun Violence and in support of families affected by gun violence. ​ Urban Forum Northwest streams live at www.1150kknw.com. Visit us at www.urbanforumnw.com, for archived programs and relevant information. Programs are available on Alexa and my podcast 24/7. Like us on facebook. Twitter@Eddie_Rye. This program will also air on Saturday 7:00-8:00 am (PDT).

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