Urban Forum NW 05 - 19 - 22 Tribute to the late Don Dudley, owner of KYAC AM & FM in Seattle

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Thursday, May 19 on Urban Forum Northwest - scheduled guests for the hour that will share their experiences at KYAC, the first Black Owned Radio Station in Seattle and pay tribute to the late Don Dudley, he was the owner of KYAC AM & FM in Seattle. *Former Seattle SuperSonics All Star Spencer Haywood hosted a Saturday night jazz program on KYAC in the 1970's. He will share his memories of those days and pay tribute to the late Don Dudley. * Veltry Johnson was hired as a part time News Reporter at KYAC in 1969, later he became News Director and Station Manager 1972-79. He will comment on his experience at the station and his interactions with Don Dudley. *Vivian Phillips was employed at KYAC as Sales Secretary 1972-75, 75-77 Continuity Director and she was the midday DJ from 1977-1980. Ms. Phillips will share her memories and pay tribute to Don Dudley. *Jesse Wineberry was hired by Don Dudley at KYAC Radio when he was an 18 year old high school senior to Host: Youth City Forum, one of the first youth Sunday call-in programs in the city 1973-78. He will pay tribute to Don Dudley. *S. DeWayne Ticeson held many positions at KYAC AM&FM 1972-1983, accounts and promotions executive and an on air DJ known as the "Gentle Giant". He will share his experience at the station and pay tribute to Don Dudley. *Lee Carter was introduced to KYAC by Veltry Johnson and was hired by the station as a writer, reporter, became News Director and hosted a talk show. He comments on his experience at KYAC and pays tribute to Don Dudley. * Reverend Harriett invites all peace loving people to join her and others to Stand in Solidarity with the Buffalo victims on Saturday, May 21 2:00-5:00 pm at Seattle's Martin Luther King Jr. Civil Rights Memorial Park. Urban Forum Northwest streams live at www.1150kknw.com. Visit us at www.urbanforumnw.com for archived programs and relevant information. Programs are available on Alexa and my podcast. Like us on facebook. Twitter@Eddie_Rye. This program will also air on Saturday 7:00-8:00 am (PDT).

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