Christine Miller on Anthropology in Business with Matt Artz

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In this episode of the Anthropology in Business podcast, Christine Miller speaks with Matt Artz about her career as a business anthropologist. The conversation covers Christine's journey from studying the innovation practices of organizations to finding design anthropology and her current role as a professor of Design Management at SCAD. It also touches on Christine's 2018 book, Design + Anthropology, and a forthcoming book on design anthropology. About Christine Miller Christine Miller is a design educator, researcher, and practitioner working at the intersection of anthropology, design, and business. Her Ph.D. research integrated anthropology, management/organizational studies, and business in an ethnographic study of process formalization and the relationship between innovation and formalization at a Tier One automotive supplier. Her research interests focus on sociotechnical systems and the ways in which sociality and culture influence the design and diffusion, adoption, and adaptation of new products, processes, and technologies. She also studies technology-mediated communication, knowledge flows within pluridisciplinary groups and teams, and the emergence of co-located and technology-enabled collaborative innovation networks (COINs). She is currently a Co-PI on a NSF grant studying the ethics and cultures of STEM research groups. She is exploring how developing context-specific ethical guidelines co-designed by lab and research group members might help cultivate ethical culture. She currently teaches at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia. From the fall of 2014 until May 2018, she taught at IIT in Chicago for the Stuart School of Business and in the Institute of Design. Her most recent book, Design + Anthropology was published by Routledge in 2017. She is currently working on a follow up book on design anthropology. Recommend Links

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