9 - All the dads be murdering in the man cave

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"There's a thin line between John Mulaney routine and serial killer and I dance on that every day..."

[series spoiler discussion 40:49 - 55:24]

The Gang check out their murder sheds as they discuss A Father's Love. We discuss how love can blind you to the truth, the aesthetics of murder sheds, and Hannah has a controversial hot take.

Content warnings, this episode includes discussions of:

- Child harm

- Child neglect

- Disappearance of parent

- Death of parent

- Religious violence

- Serial killer

- Gore

- Cults

- Being chased

- Darkness

- Heartbeat sound

- Scream SFX

- Food

- Police

- Blood mention

- Someone being replaced and only you are aware / Capgras delusion

- Insects (Bees)

- Eating insects (Bees)

- Alcohol

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