Arkham Avengers FFPL - Gameweek 4 and Manager Interview

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On today's show, we take a look to see how our experts got on with their team selection for Gameweek 4. Has Hector noted and observed the right players? Did Mick opt for performing players? Who did Eamon choose?
The panel also take a look at how the managers in the Arkham Avengers Fantasy Football Premier League did in Gameweek 4 and we see which managers are moving. Has anyone caught up to Toeboggers6 yet?
Also in this episode The Host interviews Gerry, the manager of the Toeboggers, and they discuss how last season went for him and what he is looking out for in this current season.
Tune in to hear lots of news, views, analysis and comments plus much more.
Remember if anyone wishes to ask the panel a question or if you have any comments do email us at or visit our Facebook page @ArkhamAvengersFFPL and message us there.

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