How Do I Grow My Audience When I Mainly Do 1 on 1?

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#1229 Junaid Ahmed has been behind the camera for three decades, but after meticulously setting up his home studio and sitting in front of the camera for the first time the words just wouldn’t come out. He managed to solve his problem and is now busy helping others do the same. The thing is, as a father of three, time is limited. How does he scale up from one-on-one coaching and grow his business? Today we talk about the special mechanisms coaches can use to have more impact. We brainstorm some genius ideas to move his brand forward and free up the time he needs to spend with his family. Junaid admits he’s deep in the weeds and can’t see the whole picture. On this call, I help him zero in on a strategy that takes full advantage of the skills and strengths he’s developed. Show notes and more at

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