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Astrophiz Astronomy podcasts by Brendan O'Brien. @Astrophiz on Twitter. My costs to keep Astrophiz running are small, so any small donation is welcome and gets a shoutout in the next episode. My costs: SoundcloudPro is about A$150pa. Domain for is A$10pa and hosting A$130pa Brendan sometimes even gets how and why science works, and conducts in-depth interviews with leading astro and space researchers. In each episode we feature Astrophysicists, Space Scientists, Particle Physicists, Instrument scientists, optical & radio astronomers, Satcomm engineers, project leaders and aurora hunters. For Astrophotographers, we also hear from Dr Ian ‘Astroblog’ Musgrave who tells us when, where and what to look for in the sky over the coming weeks and explains astronomical phenomena in ‘Ian’s Tangent’. This ongoing series has taken us through the history, theory and practice of radio astronomy from Faraday to Gravitational waves. Each episode includes the latest news roundup in this golden age of astrophysics. Enjoy!

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