Never Compromise Your Standards + A Recipe for How to Bounce Back When Things Don’t Go As Planned | Andy Wagstaff

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A career in professional sport so often includes uncertainty and unforeseen obstacles. For Andy Wagstaff, his dream of making it as a pro soccer player did not pan out quite as he hoped, but due to an unerring determination and healthy foresight, he has been able to ride the waves to an amazing career in coaching and academy leadership. Andy is now the head coach of the Flint City Bucks, as well as the owner of the Liverpool FC International Academy of Michigan, and today we get to hear all about the process of reinventing himself and the steadfast values that have kept him going.

With the rapid and continual rise of the popularity of soccer in the US, academies such as the one Andy owns have a huge stake in the future of many young people, and our guest talks to us about the ethos that grounds their approach to nurturing talent. We get to discuss many of the pivotal moments in Andy's journey, from his early days playing in England, to some of the most recent lessons he has learned. Make sure to stay tuned to hear all about the developmental pathway that Andy prioritizes at the academy, and how he and his staff aim to best serve the interests of all potential attendees. This episode is packed with personal reflection and applicable lessons that are bound to inspire leaders of any kind, so make sure to join us to hear it all.
Key Points From This Episode:

  • Andy's early years in the north of England, and his first taste of the world of soccer.
  • Leaving home at 16, his feelings at the time, and the hurdles he faced.
  • The events that led up to Andy accepting a scholarship from Oakland University.
  • Reflecting on Andy's time at Oakland University and playing for the team.
  • Gary Parson's leadership style and the strength of his fairness.
  • Andy's own coaching style and the role of honesty and integrity in his success.
  • Lessons that Andy is taking forward from the current season.
  • The story of how Andy took charge of the Liverpool FC Academy.
  • The personal traits that make young players stand out to Andy.
  • Andy's favorite teammate from his whole career.
  • Thoughts on the importance of diet and Andy's recommendations for soccer players.

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