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Attitude Makeover is a career-centric initiative built on an integrated framework of a blog, podcast and workshops. The subject matter of our blog pushes you towards career reflections while our podcast gives insights into different professional journeys and the hidden values in pursuing one's passion. These consequently feed into our workshops which are designed to help you construct a holistic perspective and build hard and soft skills for your winning career portfolio! Sowjanya Shetty is the host & founder of Attitude Makeover. Her incredibly diverse career spans 25 years during which she has been a chip-designer, an assembly level programmer, worked in interactive television, been the Chief of Staff at General Electric, worked in product management at Hewlett-Packard, managed a full retail store, been a sales executive at Microsoft, setup and run two of her own businesses and been a radio jockey! A voracious traveler, reader and deep-thinker, her observation of the missing links in the professional world, the education preceding it and, above all, people’s mindsets have compelled her to offer her wealth of knowledge and help people build themselves in their personal journeys.

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