Ep. 175 - Risk Is Life (w. Erich Leidums)

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I genuinely freaked out the first time I saw a short video that today's guest, Erich Leidums, shared of his young daughter on skis...going down a hill...

As a Haitian, living in Canada...and even though I enjoy winter...winter Sports such as skiing, snowboarding, skating etc...frighten the living daylights out of me.

And I'll be perfectly honest - not that I've ever tried. I'm just scared. Period.

But that's the thing isn't it? As loving parents, we love our children and we take our role as providers and caretakers seriously. Oftentimes a bit too seriously. And the unfortunate result is that we have the potential to burden their experiences with our fears and doubts.

And that's how I caught myself watching that little video... "...how can they let such a small kid do that?..." "...what if she falls?..." ...and all other sorts of judgemental/reactionary thoughts that I'm certain Erich has had to be the target of over the years of sharing similar content of his family's active, outdoor, inspiring lifestyle.

Erich teaches us that there is huge difference between perceived risk and actual risk. And what a thrill it is to see such heartwarming proof that kids, when you take step back and out of their way, will amaze you with their achievements, curiosity and resilience.

I really enjoyed this conversation as I got to share his personal and thought-provoking perspective on the need for kids to experience risk, the importance of minding our words when advising caution, the importance of 'Letting Go' as well as defining what kind of a Life actually matters to us...

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