Intentional Interior Design, using Conscious Symbolism & Astrology...Discussion 3 with the Meta4Man

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Another discussion with my friend Dave Porter, AKA the Meta4Man. This time we talk about the influence of Saturn in one's Astrology chart & a discussion about Saturn suppression & how it influences us. This is important information for working with Astrological symbolism in one's own environment. Awareness of where this influence is in your chart, can assist you in representing this element of your personality properly in your home. David has been a friend, mentor & colleague of mine for over 13 years. It was through our collaborations together that we have found ways to utilize both our gifts, as a team to create meaningful symbolism in ours & others environments. This is bit of a continuation of the last episode, but with more information on how Saturn influences the elements. This is a casual conversation between two friends. It's a little personal as well as unedited & imperfectly perfect. I'm grateful for his wisdom. If you are interested in either Interior Design & may enjoy this information...especially as I explain more how to use it in your decorating your environment. --- Support this podcast:

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