Better Azure content, programs & services through applied data science

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Lisa Cohen joins Scott Hanselman to explain how Microsoft uses data science to help Azure customers. Learn about content, programs, and services to guide you on your cloud journey while getting a glimpse behind the scenes into how data drives product investments.

[0:00:00]– Opening
[0:00:25]– Introduction
[0:03:10]– Azure Quickstart Center for early success
[0:04:07]– Azure portal improvements and the Azure mobile app
[0:04:45]– Experimenting with, free accounts, and offers
[0:07:15]– Evolving Azure Marketplace
[0:08:07]– Azure support
[0:09:17]– Using data to optimize your experience
[0:09:56]– Documentation and feedback
[0:11:14]– Wrap-up

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