#536 - The new Big 12 won’t matter, plenty more hot sports takes, and my mom!

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Today's Rundown:

  • Intro (I get all emo...again)
  • A HEATED DEBATE SPILL OVER FROM TWITTER - Are you team sleep with a fan or team no fan?
  • Shout out to the Chat

Sports topics for today (all straight out of the headlines)

  • Little League World Series title game ratings dip, still top MLB’s weekend
  • Astros starter Justin Verlander placed on 15-day injured list with calf injury
  • Jackson State football team in ‘crisis mode’ over water shortage
  • Big 12 in contract discussions with ESPN and Fox, BUT IT WON'T MATTER!
  • Cameron Smith, Joaquin Niemann among 6 players leaving PGA Tour for LIV Golf

My mom joins me in hour 2 and boy do we have fun!

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