Houston Texans Podcast: I have No Mouth but I must Talk About the Houston Texans (Texans-Titans Review)

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The last time I saw the Houston Texans play LIVE football, I was a freshman in college, and my good friend Taylor’s Uncle, took him, another friend, and I, to watch them play the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2009. We drank three underage Miller Lites and ate a hamburger before the game. His uncle left at halftime because said beers and hamburger made him sleepy. Maurice Jones-Drew scored a touchdown down at our endzone and Texans fans ran to the wall to give him the middle finger. Houston signed Chris Brown that summer to be their redzone back, only for him to fumble into the endzone when attempting to score the game tying touchdown. The Jags recovered. The Texans lost. That’s how things were from 2008-2010.

This time we went again with his Uncle, and his niece, and my wife and four month son. This Texans team is entirely different. They signed a horde of veterans to try and win games this year, but replicated last season’s four win total. Houston had a positive point differential, they were blown out of multiple games, their talent and coaching staff was outmatched. Week 18. The end. A summation of last year’s decisions. Despite all of this, it was a beautiful time, to see NRG stadium, how the light flew through the roof, watching the ball go up really high and fall back down really far, witnessing the inebriated stumble when they should be at church, to meet other Titans fans, and see our favorite football team in person once again. It’s been too long, but it’s never too late. Thank you again TIM.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston and his good friend Taylor discuss going to a Texans game, and Houston’s loss to the Tennessee Titans. Topics include: the bank robbery it took to get to the game, Alcohol Prohibited, D.J. Athena spinning the hot tracks, crowd noise being pumped in, hanging with the staff, the invisible cannon strike, how Houston should approach the quarterback position in 2022, Deshaun Watson trade pessimism, and the Super Wildcard Round playoff schedule.

Let’s start the show.

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