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Are you in a Christian Community? There is no such thing as Christianity without community.
Are you in a Community of AFFECTION? Your community should be characterized by warmth and affection as you regularly check in with each other from the battle that is the Christian Life.
Are you praying for the GIANTS and the not-so Giants of the faith? Who of us does not need it? Who of us isn't occasionally weary or faint-hearted?
Does your life reflect a PRIORITY of exposure to the Word? There is always a correlation of spiritual growth with regular, ongoing, exposure to His Word. Join me tomorrow as we conclude 1 Thess and then begin our wondering about 2 Thess. Please listen to the podcast. You'll find it wherever you like to listen. Encourage others to consider walking 2 Thess with me. apple, google, spotify, podcaster, deezer podcasts.

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