Podcast 369 – Bad Syntax & Nazty

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Another week and another killer episode! This week my long time friend and member of the legendary "Dumbsteppaz" steps up with a wicked guest mix! Pair that with your usual resident nonsense and we are off and rocking! Lock it in, your weekend soundtrack has arrived!

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"Bad Tunes" of the week - Follow the playlist on Spotify: http://bit.ly/badtunes

  1. Toronto is Broken - Taking Over (Lateral RMX) [Yana]
  2. Crucifyme - Bouncy Ball [Paperfunk]
  3. 2whales & Cvpellv - Blastah Bang [High Resistance]
  4. Disphonia - Guillotine (Burr Oak RMX) [Code Smell]

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