Episode 150 - Malcolm X (w/ BFF of the BFE: Juleen)

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Join your favourite TransAtlantic podcasting crew: Ian and Ethan (Georgia & Liam are in counselling) as we're joined by BFF of the BFE: Juleen for the WHOLE EPISODE as we're recapping the extraordinary life of Malcolm X and celebrate a century-and-a-half of full reviews. We're admiring Juleen's short commute in our 150th episode as we discuss:

  • The global legacy of Malcolm X
  • We discuss the contrasting ideologies of Martin Luther King II and Malcolm X
  • If Denzel was the right choice for the lead role
  • Whether this film does Dr Betty Shabazz dirty
  • Who was the first director linked to the project
  • How did Spike Lee get footage inside Mecca and what was the backup plan for a passable shooting location to represent Mecca
  • Do we like Spike Lee films?
  • We go over the official rules of Whammageddon
  • Whether or not Malcolm X is the Best Film Ever

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Timestamps for this episode:

  • 0:00 - Opening Banter 8:00 - Reflections & Corrections 20:20 - Shoutouts 25:40 - Deep Dive 2:22:35 - Endgame

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