Better Call Saul Trivia Night Announcement!

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Better Call Saul premieres the second half of its final season this Monday, July 11! Celebrate with us by testing your Saul knowledge in a game of Trivia.

TLDR: Better Call Saul Trivia starts at 7PM ET Monday, July 11 here:


The stream will start at 7PM ET and the actual game will begin at 7:30PM ET. To participate in trivia (and have a chance at winning some sweet prizes!), just join the stream before 7:30PM ET. We’ll have instructions on-screen which will tell you how to sign-up so you can participate once the game starts!

Besides Trivia, there will also be plenty of Better Call Saul banter and discourse with the usual Saulcast flavor!

We’ll probably go until around 8:30PM ET, so you’ll have plenty of time after the stream wraps up to get ready for the new episode (which premiers on AMC at 9PM ET).

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