The Browns Trade - The Practicality of What It Means and Was It Worth It?

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The Cleveland Browns are evidently standing behind the Deshaun Watson trade for the long haul. The Browns are not reconsidering the $230 million contract and do not want back the six draft picks they sent to the Houston Texans for Watson.
The commentary in this podcast covers two facets. One, the banter on social media and sports talk radio has been very much misguided regarding the various allegations that were put forth against Watson. Also, what this trade has done to the brand that is the Cleveland Browns has largely not been covered. Although, the boos at the Browns’ pre-season game with the Jacksonville Jaguars may be a wakeup call for what may be coming throughout the season.
Everybody wants a winning team and ultimately a Super Bowl. However, controversy aside, this deal does not guarantee anything. Was it worth the public relations risk? And the enormous money?

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