Couch Convos: What’s the Wordle? Salesforce Lightning Edition

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In this episode of Couch Convos: Biz and Tech Talks, we talk to two of our Salesforce specialists about using Salesforce Lightning to build out their own version of Wordle.

Some of our more recent podcasts have touched on a hot topic in the tech world – citizen development. Now we’re talking about what a business user might want to implement within a broader platform and how difficult would that be to create?

We’re looking at a concrete example of citizen development in action to answer these questions. Doug Burkhart and Shahid Mahmood, two of our Salesforce specialists, decided to replicate the word game Wordle on the Salesforce platform. Your users might have a slightly more practical objective, but maybe not one so much fun (or addicting).

In this podcast, we demonstrate the demo application and examine what we can learn from it about citizen development and the use of a platform for application construction. You can either watch or listen to this special edition podcast!

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