In the Limelight welcomes Lillian Brummet

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Each month, we feature a BlogTalkRadio host on our show In the Limelight. This month, we spotlight Lillian Brummet who along with her husband Dave hosts two successful shows on BlogTalkRadio, Conscious Discussions and The Authors Read. Conscious Discussions is an hour-long talk radio show that celebrates individuals from all over the globe who are working to make the planet a better place. The Authors Read is a 15-minute radio program offers authors, storytellers and poets a chance to read from their published work. Dave and Lillian are freelance writers of various genres ranging from environment, gardening, music, nature and recreation and have co-authored books including Trash Talk, Towards Understanding, and Purple Snowflake Marketing.
In Christina Blodgett's interview with Lillian, we discuss how she started and how she prepares for her BlogTalkRadio show, the marketing techniques she uses to expand her listener-base, and her advice for other BlogTalkRadio hosts to help you achieve success on your online journey.

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