Bored Ape Yacht Club: NFT Craze Explained & How YOU Can Benefit From It (Non Fungible Token)

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We have a recurring guest and member of the momentous Bored Ape Yacht Club joining Bold Perceptions today, Tommy Farr. BAYC is a prestigious pay-to-play community focused around NFTs, enabling you to own a digital identity fueled by the cryptocurrency Ethereum. As it stands today 1 ETH is about $2600 USD and is speculated to boom very shortly following a short bear market. Tommy has invested & profited thousands of USD into NFTs including digital art, Miami Heat commemorative pieces, crypto property, and reveals more future plans on air. This episode dives into how your (meta mask) wallet can benefit from the NFT craze, the endless possibilities of the crypto landscape, and what exactly this club entails. They say it’s too late to jump on a trend if everybody knows about it- luckily it’s still very early and education is crucial. Any questions on how to get started in the crypto art or property space feel free to reach out to us or Tommy directly.

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