Brick Mallery Private Investigator Episode 2 Part 1 - The Bride of Mallery

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Episode Two in the Brick Mallery audio drama series, The Bride of Mallery, is a title of a monstrous undertaking which has consumed and broken many souls during its completion. Brick Mallery's crafty ex-wife hires an evil mind-control expert to wreak havoc on her former husband and hatches a plan to take over the city.

Listen as Brick has to face down both a shrewish ex-wife and an army of "Cannibal Vampire Zombies" in this colorful second episode which is Winner of Publishers Weekly "Listen Up Award" for Audio Dramatization.

Thought-provoking dialogue, jazzy 40's style musical score and attention-getting sound effects add to this high energy audio drama.

Come back next week for part 2 of episode 2.

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