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Want to build a Personal Brand? Wish you could see the real behind-the-scenes of how someone actual grows a strong personal brand and becomes an Influencer? How does personal branding work? What personal branding strategy actually helps you grow your audience, and what doesn’t work? Curious about how to make money as a social media influencer? And why should you want a personal brand at all in the first place? In this podcast, Jamie M Swanson, founder of the StorySession System and leader of the Personal Brand Photography movement, takes you behind the scenes as she pivots from having grown a highly-profitable business brand to growing her own personal brand. You’ll see what works, what doesn’t, and hear business tips along the way to help you grow your online business. She’ll explain her social media strategy, how she leverages her audience to fully support her family and make money online, and she’ll share the behind-the-scenes stuff that you’d normally only hear from your closest friends and colleagues in masterminds or over coffee. Plus, she’s going to share her statistics and numbers along the way. Sound good? Then Subscribe, Listen, and Leave us a Review letting us know what you think!

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