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riginally taped March 17, 1994 for WPAT-930AM Radio
Host: STEWART KLEIN, Fox 5-TV New York, Film and Theatre Critic ... tonight's guests:
jonathan FREEMAN Known for providing the iconic voice of Jafar in the 1992 animated film of Aladdin and originating the same role on Broadway, Jonathan Freeman is one of the most distinguished performers on the Broadway Plus roster. In his incredible 5-decade career, Jonathan has also garnered a Tony Award nomination, appeared in 10 other Broadway shows, provided voices for other Disney characters, and racked up dozens of other television and film credits. - BroadwayPlus
susan LEE an innovator and an industry leader working with many theatrical producing companies and non-profit arts organizations. She introduced Camp Broadway LLC in 1995 and has since managed the brand, business and program development. In addition founder and managing member of the company, she is the Chief Marketing Officer for The Nederlander - CampBroadway.com
gene BERTONCINI - jazz guitar great performs live for the Broadway Hour microphones. He has worked with Carmen McRae and vibraphonist Mike Mainieri and then performed in one of Buddy Rich's ensembles. Bertoncini's career has included playing with Benny Goodman, Wayne Shorter, Hubert Laws, Paul Desmond, Tony Bennett, Lena Horne, Nancy Wilson, Vic Damone, Ethel Ennis, and Eydie Gorme. - Wikipedia

harry HAUN Freelance Writer, Staff Writer for Playbill, Arts and Entertainment, U.S. As seen in: Playbill, Observer, BroadwayWorld.com, The Village Voice, Film Journal International
john JILER - a writer of both drama and prose. He was the recipient of both the Richard Rodgers Award and the Kleban Librettists' Award for his musical AVENUE X, which played in New York at Playwrights' Horizons and in some fifty cities around the world .
Taped at the SHERATON HOTEL & TOWERS, 53rd & 7th Ave. New York City
in THE LOBBY COURT LOUNGE . . . . . . "overlooking scenic 7th avenue"
Executive Producer: KATE McGRATH / Engineer & Editor: CHRIS BREETVELD
For more info, comments or fan mail: nycbroadway.podcasthours@gmail.com

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