Business Class: Build It Braver

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Owning a small business takes courage, resilience, and a little help from our friends! Business Class: Build It Braver is a podcast from American Express where small business owners can learn from the real-world experiences of seasoned entrepreneurs turned mentors.

Listeners will follow host and entrepreneur Vivian Kaye through conversations with some of Canada’s brightest entrepreneurial minds as they provide fresh perspectives to small business owners to help them on their business journeys. People like Joe Mimran, founder of Joe Fresh and Club Monaco, and Wes Hall, Dragon on CBC’s Dragon’s Den.

Each episode explores a different business challenge, and demonstrates the commitment, connection, and hope that springs up when small business owners have meaningful discussions with experienced entrepreneurs who really care. As small business owners, the stakes couldn’t be higher, which is why you really need the backing of trusted experts. The mentors on this show offer just that: real-time learning in a super-charged package. #AmexBuildItBraver

About American Express Business Class

American Express Business Class is an educational resource for today’s business leaders. It provides modern business education through compelling stories, timely tips, and inspiring insights from business experts, industry leaders, and savvy entrepreneurs.

About Vivian Kaye

Vivian was born in Tema, Ghana, and immigrated to Toronto, Canada as a toddler. After dropping out of college and battling depression in her early adulthood, she worked a series of jobs as a French bilingual for several startups in fintech, Medtech, and at the home office of a multinational franchise company. She took these entrepreneurial lessons and started a 6-figure wedding decor company.

While running that business, her 2nd business, KinkyCurlyYaki was born. Tired of not being able to find high-quality hair extensions that matched her afro hair texture, and realizing she wasn’t alone, the company took off. In the first year (2012) it hit 6-figures. Then in 2016, it hit 7-figures, as it remains today, which has allowed her to run the business while single-handedly raising her son, sharing her story internationally, and helping others reach their goals.

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