217: Scale Tales | Against All Odds - Jeremy Streten Recounts How He Expanded His Law Business Internationally

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Jeremy Streten is on a mission to provide access to legal advice for all small to medium-sized businesses around the world. These aren’t just empty words. He really means it as evidenced by the strategic moves he’s made to, as he describes it, “…scale myself out of my law firm to remove dependency on me.”

How’s that possible when business laws are country-dependent?

Well, turns out that’s not entirely true. In this episode, Jeremy describes how his keen observations during a law conference coupled with sage advice from a business coach, led him down a path to scale business legal advice via a business legal lifecycle. It's an easy-to-understand chart designed to empower business owners in proactively securing legal protections using a combination of standard and local or customized practices.

Now, he’s transitioned out of being a traditional lawyer working on a per-client basis and into the role of CEO of a lawtech company with remote global operations across Australia, the U.S., and the U.K.

Listen as he recounts the bumps and bruises along his journey that led to him building a business infrastructure that includes the optimal combination of people, processes, and technologies necessary to scale a service-based business.

Jeremy’s cracked the code and now you can learn from him and apply the lessons learned from his scale tale to your organization!

📝 Access Jeremy’s Resources & Show Notes: https://www.eqbsystems.com/podcast/217-scale-tales-against-all-odds-jeremy-streten-recounts-how-he-expanded-his-law-business-internationally

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