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Business Without The Buts is a podcast by a sassy introverted-extroverted copywriting duo figuring out how to create a more ethical economy through conversations about challenging the status quo, marketing with less manipulation, and creating action for more inclusive businesses. This podcast is for, and by, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small-business owners who are ready to cut the crap and have conversations that get serious about building businesses that do better for everyone and fulfill your business goals. If you’re here, you’re super "do business differently" curious, but don't quite know where to start, and you’re actively anti-racist, you’re an intersectional feminist, and you’re likely anti-this version-of capitalism and what it does to people, and you want to create a better world through business ownership. We call bullshit on “it’s not personal, it’s business” because your business is YOU, and you don’t have to compromise your core values, or lose your identity, to make the income you want. Thanks for joining the conversation! Let’s explore how to better our lives and our clients’ lives through business, and build a more ethical economy.

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