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The Byte Club Podcast is an archive of podcast episodes that will help startups, businesses, and entrepreneurs learn about the different tools that will need to take their software and technology ideas from idea to product!You will hear from myself, as well as some of the business heads here at Atsap - along with some special guests to give you the tools and information you need to bring your technology and software ideas to life!There will be three different types of episodes:Type 1: Round Table DiscussionThese episodes will be open ended discussions with two or more of the Atsap business heads (and sometimes a special guest) - about current events or current topics that are related to the technology and software industry.Type 2: Atsap UThese episodes will be educational and informative on topics related to entrepreneurship, app development, software development, and design. These episodes will be hosted by myself, as well as including some special guests from time to time!Type 3: Food For ThoughtThese episodes will be more thought provoking. Their purpose is not so much to educate, but to inform listeners of something in the technology industry that might happen in the future, or gives a different perspective on something that is currently happening in the technology industry - to help inspire the next great entrepreneurs and business leaders to build the next best thing! These episodes will be hosted by myself, as well as including some special guests from time to time!We hope that there will be topics that are enjoyable for everyone and that we can inspire the next best innovators of tomorrow!

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