20 | STOP Doing This If You Want to Scale to 6-Figures in Your Faith-Based Business

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Have you been doing "all the things," but STILL not seeing results in your faith-filled business?
This episode covers the NUMBER ONE THING you've got to STOP doing if you want to create a 6-figure business... and what to do instead. ;)
When I first started coaching, I felt like I was way over my head. I thought I needed a fancy website, an email funnel, a lot of followers, multiple offers, one-on-one coaching, masterminds, courses, eBooks, the perfect launch strategy, and a perfectly curated sales page.
Maybe I'm exaggerating that a little bit, but I know that you get it. And this was just for the marketing side of things. Then add on creating a curriculum and trying to learn all of the technology. So naturally, I ended up getting myself in a cycle of burnout.
I would work really hard to do all the things, then I would go through a season where I did nothing, and then I would continue to procrastinate because it wasn't working. I was just exhausted.
But to be a 6-figure entrepreneur, you don’t need these things, and here’s why.
Your business doesn't have to be complicated or require a jillion calls every single week. I am a six-figure business owner. I have secured $20,000 weeks and $10,000 cash days. And still to this day, at the moment of me recording this, my website isn't fully functioning yet.
I don't have a fancy email funnel and I have way fewer views on my Instagram stories than you probably expect, but I am still a 6-figure business owner.
If the Lord has put a business on your heart, I want you to know it is possible for you to do it without all the overwhelm.
Let's dive in.

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