How to Feel Secure in your Career amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has left many of us feeling severely pressured due to the disruption it has had on our careers and lives. A report just released by ING Bank said that more than three million Australians are thinking about changing careers once the Corona Virus subsides and nearly 30% have considered learning new skills to insulate themselves from future economic upheaval, including those who actually still have jobs.

In Episode 6 of Managing your Career in the Corona Virus Season, Catherine covers 5 areas for you to consider to help you feel more secure in your career both now and once the coronavirus crisis has subsided.

The first tip she covers is look before you leap, and carefully consider what it is you want to do. Secondly, she talks through making sure you investigate the safety of potential job sectors. She then moves onto a discussion about right brain jobs, and whether these are worth considering. Next, it's how to minimise the pain of moving jobs and finally, if you decide to stay in your current role, how can you future proof yourself (from losing your job!).

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