Episode #2 - Investing

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This episode it all about investing in CGC Sports Illustrated issues. I'll cover my top 5 things to keep in mind for making money at this hobby, we'll look at some recent submission data and a ton of recent sales. MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, etc. Anything to do with graded issues of Sports Illustrated will be covered.
CORRECTION: The portion of this episode where I talk about how CGC manages autographed issues of Sports Illustrated contains some inaccuracies. For clarification, please see the email below from CGC with the accurate information.
Cynthia Ritchie

Tue, Mar 9 at 3:46 PM

Any items that have already been signed would not qualify for Signature Series label. In most cases they would receive a green Qualified label. This allows the graders to ignore the signature for grading purposes and the book is not downgraded for the writing.

Generally at or below a 6.0 the writing/signature on the cover no longer has a significant impact on the grade and our graders may feel it is not necessary to qualify the grade. They will factor the signature into grade and the book would receive a Universal (blue) label with the same notation of name on cover in marker.

You may also request a universal label instead of qualified and the grade will be downgraded for the signature on the cover. This request is honored at the graders discretion.

Please do not send in COAs but retain them for your records as they are not needed for grading and may not be returned to you.

More information on our Signature Series Program can be found at:


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