TRANSITION (w/Ajahn Amaro)

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At first glance, the word of this episode is impossibly, mind-bogglingly big. "Transition" applies to everything. There's nothing in the known universe (or anywhere else, for that matter, I'd bet) that isn't, at some level, in a state of change. But as always, god, the devil, and everything in between is in the details . . .

This week, Ajahn Amaro, a Buddhist monk of 45 years in the Thai Forest tradition talks to Jason about his transition from skeptical rebel to rule-bound monk. There's a story by Jason about coming of age in the racist, classist suburbs of '80's Washington, D.C. And, with music by Adil Sadak and lyrics/vocals by Jason, a tune full of unexpected musical transitions, rocking way harder than anything this show has seen before.

Special thanks to Weusi Baraka for the word of the episode, to Adil Sadak for the music and song production, to Emre Gots for the Clever Creature theme song, and to Nathan Gelgud for the episode art.

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