CROWN SHYNESS (w/Aimee Nezhukumatathil)

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“The higher up I go, the less I need to know…”

“Crown shyness” is social distancing for treetops. It’s a botanical mystery, the fact that certain trees give each other space in the canopy. Are they sharing sunlight? Protecting each other from disease and infestation? Perhaps they just prefer to be alone…

A story, a song, thoughts, and a conversation about growth and separation. The poet and essayist Aimee Nezhukumatathil, author of WORLD OF WONDERS on love and the natural world. A short story from Jason about academic warfare. And a breathtakingly beautiful song by Jerm Boor.

Special thanks to Robert MacFarlane for the word of the episode, to Jerm for the exquisite song, to my son Emre Gots for Clever Creature’s theme song, and to Nathan Gelgud for the episode art. Thanks also to all the wonderful musicians on Crown-Shy: Demetra Markis - vocals, Daniel Schoenfled - button accordion, Mark Ogren - trombone

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