264: Top News Podcast: Sensex falls 4,000 pts in 6 days, cooking oil to get cheaper, 1 dead in Agnipath protests and more

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Sensex and Nifty50 slipped for a second straight week to post their biggest weekly loss since May 2020 as investors remained worried about the global growth outlook. Among sectoral indices, IT, healthcare, power, capital goods, FMCG, oil & gas shed 1-2 percent each, while buying was seen in the metal and banking names.
In this edition of Top News Podcast, CNBCTV18.com’s Kanishka Sarkar shares the latest on stock markets, oil prices, Agnipath protests, and the pandemic.
One person was killed and several others were injured in Hyderabad as protests against the Union Defence Ministry’s new ‘Agnipath’ scheme turned violent, according to reports. Widespread protests have erupted in several states against the scheme for armed forces. Youth resorted to violence and vandalised trains and blocked railway tracks in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana and Telangana.
On the healthcare front, over 772 million people in India above 18 years of age have become eligible for a booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine. But even as the virus caseload rises each day, only 40 million have taken a precaution dose — leaving a huge gap of 732 million people who haven't taken the shot. This was as per data from the Health Ministry till June 16.
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